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Mel Carter
P.O. Box 48426
L.A., CA 90048

"Mel Carter's voice is one of the
unique sounds in popular music ...
a consummate entertainer and an
artist of the first magnitude."
-- Larry Kleno

">Q&A With Mel

Mel's Fans React to His Performance 'Taps'

Great reading of this

Your rendition of "Taps" has a very dulcet quality! So inspirational with your "golden voice"

It was hauntingly beautiful
---Gordon and Kathy

Taps is beautiful
---Rick and Becky

Mel--your acappella rendition of "Taps" is absolutely beautiful-nothing forced and truly poignant

It is a very moving rendition. First time I have ever heard a vocal rendition of "Taps"

Mel: You continue to amaze me! I broke out in goose bumps listening to your incredible version of "Taps".

Mel, this is a stunning rendition of "Taps". I hope you release it as a download.

Mel, it is beautiful---everything you sing is just so heartfelt and special! Thank you.
---Linda and Joe

Mel very moving! when anybody has the confidence to record something a cappella, you truly get to see how gifted they are vocally.
---Music lover

Your version of "Taps" was soul stirring and moved me tremendously.

"Taps"--sincerity and a great voice are a powerful combination. Fabulous

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